Daring Divas

Sass, Class and Kick-Ass!


  • Man meets machine

    Daring Divas is where AI art gets a human makeover! After a year of tweaking and perfecting, the AI-generated visuals come alive, wrapped in rich storylines and lore crafted with a mixture of AI tech and human care.

  • Three interweaving timelines

    Journey through the ages with Daring Divas, as the stories weave through the mystical Past, the vibrant Present, and the intriguing Future.

  • Not just a pretty face

    Valtava RPG is a text-based old school RPG running on ChatGPT set in the Past timeline of Daring Divas. Keep your eyes peeled – you might just bump into a Daring Diva! (ChatGPT subscription needed for this epic adventure.)

  • Four ways to wow with NFTs

    • Canonical Collection: The essence of the story.
    • Nice Variants: The lighter side of Divas.
    • Naughty Variants: For those who dare!
    • Apocrypha: Unearth hidden treasures.
  • Non-anon creator

    Not yet another anon in the NFT space but a grizzled nerd! I've been in photography since 1999 with pinups, landscapes and fine art. As an RPG gamemaster since early 1990s storytelling is in my blood. And more recently I got into crypto in 2017, and been an NFT degen since 2020. Check out my photography websites here #1 and #2.

  • Wait, there's more!

    Kicking off with sassy pinups and vignettes that pack a punch, Daring Divas is just warming up! As blockchain and AI tools improve and the piggy bank grows (hint: I mean funding for all those tools and people), get ready for an avalanche of coolness: unlockable content, comics that leap off the page, animations that dance across your screen, and so much more. Sooo much. All the muches!

Sneak peek

from the upcoming NFT drops

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